Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage Sheffield

Full Body Abhyanga

Ahbyanga means massage in sanskrit. This traditional ayurvedic massage is used to restore balance in the body by easing tight muscles and clearing energy pathways leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and revitilised at the same time. 


Flowing massage is used to stimulate marma energy points and clear energy blockages in the joints and limbs leaving you feeling revitilsed and re-energised.


Specially selected organic oils are warmed and used to massage muscles. In abhyanga, your constitution can be taken into consideration to slet the perfect oil for you (read more here)


Steam towels are used to open your pores allowing your specially chosen oils to nourish your skin. After your massage, heated towels are wrapped around you to capture the nurturing warmth whilst you relax and take in your Ayurvedic  experience.


During the massage points of vital life force energy, known as marma points are stimulated. These marma points are thought to be linked to major organs, systems and parts of our physical and emotional selves. Stimulating the points is thought to clear blockages and bring balance to your body and mind.


Do you know someone who has an interest in Ayurveda and is looking for abhyanga in Sheffield? Gift vouchers are available.


90 minutes - ‎£75