Potli Massage

Herbal Potli Massage Sheffield

Full Body Potli Massage

This traditional cleansing ayurvedic massage treatment has been used for centuries as part of Ayurvedic healing.


Specially selected organic sesame oil is warmed and used to massage the body from top to toe. Flowing massage techniques, stimulation of marma energy points and circular motions to unblock energy are used to make you feel revitilised and re-energised.  After the oil has been used to warm the skin and muscles, the potli is used to massage you.


Potli massage uses potli, specially handmade herbal pouches containing detoxifying herbs. The pouches are handmade especially for your massage with freshly ground aijwain and ginger herbs contained in a 100% cotton pouch.


Not only does potli massage feel great, but the smell of the herbs and oils will help you to drift off to another world, fully immersed in your very own ayurvedic experience.


You’ll be greeted with a fresh glass or water or hot herbal tea in my Sheffield therapy room, where warm towels, twinkling candles and relaxing music welcome you.


The potli massages and exfoliates as the oil nourishes and moisturises the skin. This invigorating yet deeply relaxing treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and new.


Not purely for relaxation, potli massage has been used in India as part of traditional ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to help rid the body of disease, improve circulation, relieve pain, reduce muscular tension and increase flexibility.


Do you know someone in Sheffield who has an interest in Ayurveda and would love to try potli massage? Gift vouchers are available.


90 minutes - £80