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Anyone who loves to be warm and pampered and those looking to ease tension.

Hot Stone Therapy

Have you noticed how your muscles breathe a sigh of relief when you lie in a nice hot bath? Hot Stones Massage uses heat to encourage quicker and deeper relaxation. 


The soothing and healing properties of heat have been known and used for centuries all over the world. Heated stones have been used to relieve pain, muscle cramps and tension and provide meditative warmth for relaxation.  In China heated stones were used in an early form of acupuncture, native Americans have used them in meditative and cleansing spiritual rituals and in Hawaii heated stones have been used to sure muscle cramps and ease tension.


Hot stones massage, takes the properties of gentle, calming warmth, and combines them with all of the benefits of massage to create a truly deeply relaxing experience which soothes the mind and can alleviate aching muscles.


My hot stones massage, unlike many photographs you may see on the internet, does not just involve placing stones on the body and leaving them there. Instead, the massage incorporates a combination of Swedish massage techniques, stretch and movement, along with smooth heated stones used to glide across the body spreading heat deep into the muscles. Heat allows the muscles to relax more quickly allowing the therapist to work more deeply.

The combination of muscle work and soothing warmth provides ultimate relaxation for body and mind and a great sense of well-being.


Not just for relaxation, hot stones therapy can also be extremely useful in easing chronic tension. The heat sinks deeply into the muscles encouraging them to really let go, easing tension and calming pain. This allows the therapist to work deeper, with less discomfort for you.


Hot stones massage is a versatile therapy, useful for anyone looking for really deep relaxation or relief from tension and pain.


You can choose which areas you’d like to focus on, whether it’s tension in your neck and shoulders, or a full body massage, and I’ll tailor the massage to suit your needs. Warm towels are used throughout to keep you snug and cosy and preserve the healing properties of the hot stones.


You’ll be welcomed to my warm, comfortable and peaceful therapy room, situated close to the centre of Sheffield, with a cool glass of refreshing water or cup of soothing herbal tea.


Looking for a gift for someone in Sheffield? Hot stones massage gift vouchers are available.


Hot Stones can be added to relaxation or deep tissue massage free of charge. Just ask when booking.


60 mins - £50

90 mins - £65