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Sports enthusiasts and anyone training for an event or recovering from an injury.

Sports Massage

Are you looking for sports massage in Sheffield?


Sports massage employs a range of muscle and joint testing assessments as well as a variety of soft tissue massage techniques stretches and exercises to help improve sporting performance.


It can be beneficial as part of a regular training programme for sports enthusiasts helping to improve performance by maintaining vitality, flexibility and range of movement in muscles that are being used intensively. Whether you are training for an event, recovering from taking part, or just keeping fit, this style of massage can be helpful.


Sports massage has also been shown to help decrease the symptoms of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), that aching feeling you get a couple of days after exercising.


Soft tissue techniques such as myofascial release, soft tissue mobilisation and release and trigger point therapy are used to relieve tense or sore muscles, break down adhesions and scar tissue, realign muscle fibres and address muscular imbalance and improve strength and flexibility. Increased circulation to muscles, particularly those that have been tight due to regular use or injury, can result in improved flexibility and range of movement in surrounding muscles and joints, therefore improving your ability to perform well.


This type of massage is also suitable for those struggling with persistent problems relating to their particular sport such as repetitive strain or overuse syndromes, and anyone recovering from an injury.


Assessment techniques such as postural analysis and muscle testing are used to understand the causes of any problems and suggest how your muscles can be strengthened to aid recovery and prevent the likelihood of reoccurrence of the injury.


Retaining flexibility and range of movement are also important elements in the rehabilitation of injuries. Increased circulation to injured muscles, tendons and ligaments can help reduce the healing process time whilst soft tissue techniques can address not only the injured muscles themselves but also those that may be compensating as a result of the injury. This works towards ensuring that additional strain on healthy muscles is less likely to cause future problems.


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60 mins - £50