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Massage Therapist in Sheffield - My story

I've always been interested in health & well-being, and in doing what I can to help improve the lives of others. In 2010, I qualified as a massage therapist and began to put this amazing tool to use.

For many years, massage was a part-time hobby whilst I spent the majority of my time working in an office in the financial sector. Whilst I loved my colleagues, I yearned for the outdoors and freedom to explore. In 2012, I made the decision to leave my secure, well paid job, sell my belongings and travel. I spent time all over the world and settled in New Zealand where I worked as a massage therapist in a luxurious rainforest spa on the South Island.

When I returned to the UK I vowed never to return to work I didn't truly feel passionate about. For 2 years I worked for a Sheffield based natural health practice seeing regular clients, all with differing needs. Then, at the beginning of 2016, I set up my own practice in Sheffield.

Since my initial training, I've explored and trained in many other types of massage, including sports and remedial, deep tissue, hot stones and pregnancy massage. I especially enjoy working with those struggling with chronic tension as I find my expertise in remedial and deep tissue work allows me to provide people with relief from discomfort which is very rewarding.

I have a keen interest in Ayurvedic therapies for several years worked with an Ayurvedic practitioner providing massage at panchakarma retreats for her patients. I now also offer Ayurvedic spa therapies myself including Indian head massage, full body abhyanga and potli massage. I love the way Ayurveda takes into account all aspects of a person: mind, body and soul and provides a really holistic treatment.

Since setting up my own practice I have twice take time out to have my 2 wonderful children. 

In my spare time I love to be outdoors. I love taking walks in the local parks with my daughters and gardening and growing organic fruit and vegetables in our garden at home. Spending time outside makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. For the past few years I've been a keen outdoor swimmer, taking part in various outdoor races including the Great North Swim and SwimRun. I like to walk the hills in the Peak District as often as possible and love running.  I am also a keen crafter and enjoy sewing and creating things from scratch. I've always got a new project on the go. 

I'm forever learning new things and enjoying the journey to find the balance that allows me to live a healthy and happy life.

Claire x