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Relaxation Massage Sheffield

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Anyone looking for a bit of peace and quiet and time to chill out and drift away,

Therapeutic & Relaxing Massage

Looking for relaxing massage in Sheffield? Therapeutic and relaxing massage is designed to allow you time and space to really unwind, drift away and forget about the stresses of everyday life. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a little time out in a quiet space.


Relaxing massage is for creating a sense of calm and well-being, whilst therapeutic massage also factors in the treatment of any areas needing relief from tension.


My cosy, warm and peaceful massage therapy room, conveniently situated just outside of the Sheffield city centre, is filled with twinkling candles, soothing music and calming scents that will help you to slow down and let go of any worries.


I draw upon many different techniques including movement, stretch and soft flowing massage strokes which not only help you relax but also improve circulation, increase joint mobility and reduce tension.


I incorporate Swedish massage, the most commonly known style of massage used in the West which includes various strokes designed to warm muscles, increase circulation, and encourage relaxation.


Stretches and movement of joints can be used to increase flexibility and reduce stiffness.


Gentle rocking of the body and limbs can help to create a sense of being cared for and reminds our muscles that they can let go.


By combining these techniques, your massage can help to both relieve muscle tension and provide relaxation for body and mind.


Each relaxing massage is adapted to suit your individual needs taking into account not only physical symptoms that may be relieved by massage, but also the possible underlying causes including lifestyle and stress.


Whether you enjoy head and face massage, leg and foot massage, or are simply looking for a full body massage, you can choose which areas you would like to focus on and how you like pressure and I'll create the perfect massage for you.


Each massage begins and ends with a soothing warm towel, wrapped around you to make you feel comfortable, cosy and content and you’ll be offered a glass of water or cup of herbal tea to help complete your relaxing massage experience.


This is the perfect massage for anyone looking to give themselves a little care, a rest and some time to unwind.


If you know someone is Sheffield who would love relaxing and therapeutic massage, gift vouchers are available.


Love to be warm? Hot stones can be added to your massage at no extra cost. Just ask when booking. You can read more about Hot Stones Massage here.



60 mins - £50

90 mins - £65