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Mums-to-be looking for some comfort, relief from aches, relaxation and a space to unwind.

Maternity Massage - Your pre-natal care

Pregnancy has a profound effect on a woman's body, and many changes occur both on the outside and inside.


The journey through pregnancy can be a wonderful experience, though at times, stressful, demanding and emotional and many women find maternity massage can help to calm anxieties, ease the strain on the body and provide relaxation and some often much needed rest.


Maternity massage is available throughout all trimesters of pregnancy from conception to birth. So whether you are in the very early stages of pregnancy or beyond your due date, you can still benefit from a massage.


Pregnancy massage is designed to provide relaxation but also to relieve aches and pains that are specific to pregnancy as your body changes to accommodate your baby. The massage can be used to target areas that are prone to tension and discomfort such as shoulders, lower back and hips.

Easing of muscle tension can improve comfort helping you to sleep better. Massage can improve blood and lymph circulation, and reduce swelling, a problem that can affect many women particularly in the feet and arms. 

Encouraging relaxation and reducing stress can help to balance emotions and improve the health and well-being of both mum and baby.

You’ll be welcomed to my warm, cosy therapy room, filled with twinkling candles with a fresh glass of water or hot herbal tea. You’ll be given lots of lovely fluffy pillows, including  specially shaped maternity pillow, to get yourself cosy and massage will be given in a side lying position so that you and baby can be comfortable throughout.

During your last 4 weeks of pregnancy, you can choose to include labour focus acupressure points in your massage. The points have roots in traditional Chinese medicine and are located in your shoulders, hands, ankles and feet. During the massage the points are pressed for a few seconds whilst you take deep breaths.


Don’t worry – the points are not magic eject buttons -they are not designed to bring on labour but rather to bring about balance, removing any blockages, whether they be physical or emotional that may be stopping you from progressing towards your natural due date, whenever that may be.  Use of the points is optional. Many women find they bring a sense of calm and balance in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Do you know someone who would love a pregnancy massage? Gift vouchers are available.

60 mins - £50

90 mins - £65