Amazing DIY Mutli-Tasking Body Butter

I'm always on the look out for new recipes to try for my DIY cosmetics and my most recent potion is so amazing I have to share it. I actually made this recipe in a bit of a rush without too much thought but it has turned out to be so great that I am really excited to write about it.

So, what is it?!!? Well, this body butter is thick and moisturising but with the magical quality of turning into smooth powdery finish. It's like liquid talc. It sinks into your skin, nourishes, moisturises and leaves a silky soft layer that keeps your skin dry. It can be used for keeping you moisturised but dry after a shower, keep moisture away on a hot day, a base for DIY deodorant, and of course for the purpose by which I discovered it in the first place....

My husband is a runner and he's training for an ultra marathon at the moment (crazy hobbies anyone?!?) The other day he came to me asking for help with a delicate but as I understand it fairly common problem...the dreaded chafing!!! He'd seen a cream online that he wanted to buy. When I looked it up I saw that it actually only contained 4 ingredients, all of which I had in my cupboard. So I set about making it myself and the result was pretty amazing! So this cream is excellent for preventing friction too.

I've also been using this butter as a nappy cream for my daughter. The ingredients are all gentle and suitable for sensitive skin so long as you have no allergies to any of the ingredients.

Of course, I'm going to share my recipe with you now so that you can make it for yourself. It's super simple and easy to make. You'll need the following:

2/3 Cup Coconut Oil

2 x 1/3 Cup Shea Butter

1/3 Cup Beeswax

1 Cup Arrowroot Powder

First you need to melt the oil, butter and beeswax. I used a bowl and pan to make a double boiler. The butter will take longer than the oil to melt but it will melt if you keep stirring.

Beeswax takes even longer to melt so I find it's best to add the beeswax to the coconut oil and shea butter mixture once it's already melted and warm. Once melted you should have smooth liquid with no lumps. Use a sieve to add half a heaped cup of arrowroot powder and use a hand blender to mix until its smooth with no lumps. Once it's mixed in add the second half and repeat. The result should be a thick liquid. Pour into a jar or container and allow to set at room temperature. When it's cooled and set you should have the consistency of butter that you can scoop. The butter will melt when you rub it in leaving a smooth powdery finish.

Feel free to add in a few drops of essential oil for fragrance before the butter sets if you like. Tea tree and lemongrass are good for use in deodorant for their fresh smell and anti-bacterial properties. Chamomile is soothing and skin calming. Lavender is relaxing. Really you can add whatever you like.

So there you have it: multi-purpose cream!

Have you tried this recipe? What uses did you find for it? Do you have your own multi-tasking DIY recipe? E-mail me at or comment on my facebook page.

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